Article Portfolio

Here you will find a summary of features, news shorts, infographics and content curation that I have published on the RTS website as part of the digital content team.


1 April 2015

Although home to some of the world’s most famous animated characters, the recession and advertising restrictions brought the British animation industry to its knees. But after a lengthy battle to stop UK cartoons like Bob the Builder from migrating abroad, a 2013 tax break loosened the belt on the industry.  Since then it has gone from strength to strength. In the lead up to the much-anticipated return of Thunderbirds in CGI form, I looked back at British animation’s roller coaster decade. Read the full article here. 


23 March 2015

The pitfalls of breaking the States

As James Corden prepared for his debut as the host of The Late Late Show, I looked back at some notable British attempts at conquering the states. Read the full article here. 


19 march 2015

Milestones made by kid’s TV

In response to PACT’s worrying report and call for more investment in children’s television, I curated a timeline of some of Britain’s best achievements in kid’s TV from technical milestones to sheer longevity and global reach. Read the full article here.

17 January 2015

Should Drama be Historically Accurate?

With big-budget historical dramas like Wolf Hall and The Great Fire captivating audiences, questions about television’s duty to historical accuracy have been raised. Read the full article here.


4 February 2015

Super Bowl: The Biggest Ads on TV

The most famous adverts of TV challenged an incredibly dramatic game at this year’s Super Bowl. Here are some of the best.


27 August 2014

Go Pro’s Best videos

Ten years on from the first Go Pro sale, the RTS looks back at some of the camera’s best videos. Here’s what we found.


6 August 2014

The Drone Debate: “War Porn” or Life Saving?

Frontline journalists risk violence, imprisonment and death when covering war zones. But the use of drone technology in hostile environments may mean correspondents will soon be watching from a safe distance too. Read the full article here.


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