Pancakes and politicians

MA NEWS PACKAGE: producer/director

This was the final, assessed news package I made, which received a mark of distinction. As the bulletin would be airing on Shrove Tuesday, we chose to do a light-hearted piece on pancake day. In this I acted as producer/director, setting up the shoot, securing contributors, filming and editing the package.

March 2014


Statement Dogs

MA NEWS PACKAGE – reporter

We decided to make a package on statement dogs as some figures had recently been released that demonstrated the shocking link between the latest Hollywood blockbuster featuring a dog and the numbers of that particular breed being abandoned months after.

March 2014

Voodoo Valentines

Each week on my MA course we were given half a day to film and edit a short news package ready for the university’s 4pm news bulletin. We worked in pairs – one producer/director, one reporter. For this I acted as producer, researching and setting up interviews, filming and editing the piece.

We had heard that a new shop in Shoreditch was offering tailor-made voodoo dolls specially for Valentine’s Day. When we researched this further, it became clear that the theme of “hate” rather than “love” was incredibly popular so we decided to cover the arrival of such a bizarre idea.

February 2014