Here you will find a selection of my films made for the RTS as Digital Multimedia Producer. I singlehandedly devised, produced, shot and edited these informative films in order to fulfil RTS educational objectives and enhance the brand.

Behind the Scenes: Channel 4 News

I singlehandedly produced, directed, filmed and edited this film for a series I devised for the RTS website. The aim is to highlight the various roles within various television sectors, this episode shining light on new and current affairs. I used a Canon XF305 to film and Final Cut Pro X to edit.

Behind the Scenes: Newsnight

The first episode of the RTS Behind the Scenes series I devised was filmed at Newsnight. Here I filmed the process of making an episode from morning meeting to TX in order to shine light on the way such programmes work and the various roles within the team. I used a Canon XF305 to film and Final Cut Pro X to edit.

Vox pops: Which TV show would you like to see come back?

For the RTS I often upload topical vox pops in response to trending stories about television. Amid rumours TFI Friday and Top of the Pops were returning, I took to the streets to see which other shows fans would love to see again.

Tips in 60 Seconds…How to break into sound recording

This is an example of the Tips in 60 Seconds videos I publish weekly on the RTS website. They aim to give bitesize advice on various aspects of television, from breaking into certain genres to overcoming some of the hurdles many graduates face. I source contributors singlehandedly and film them in their context using a Canon DSLR camera and editing on Final Cut Pro X.


Tips in 60 Seconds… How to deal with rejection

This is another example of my weekly Tips in 60 Seconds videos, featuring a younger contributor that our viewers can relate to. It was hugely popular on our site simply because it addressed a very common issue in television, particularly for those at the bottom of the ladder.


Top Tips from RTS Futures I Made it On Screen

As the Multimedia Producer, I frequently cover RTS events such as this one, held by RTS Futures aimed at uncovering the secret to success on screen. I secured and conducted interviews with the high-profile contributors before the panel event and then edited their advice together with the panel session to create an informative and entertaining film.


Doctor Who: Anatomy of a Hit Extra

The RTS occasionally holds events that delve into the detail of successful programmes. Through panel discussions with the producers, writers and directors of Doctor Who, this event focused on how the series had become so popular. I covered the event, filming on a Canon DSLR camera and editing on Final Cut Pro X. The finished film designed to capture the entertainment and “fandom” of the event as well as provide an added insight into the workings of Doctor Who.


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