iWorld: Coming Soon

Is Apple taking over the world? It seems as though everywhere we look we’re greeted with that familiar fruit with the bite staring at us, tempting us to buy a better life.

The multi-billion dollar company’s logo is an only too apt reminder of Genesis’ forbidden fruit. As the story goes, God banished man from the Garden of Eden, placing guards by the Tree of Life “lest he put out his hand…and eat, and live forever”. It seems as though everyone wants a bite of Apple inc. these days. Except in the this case, there’s no guards, everyone can take a bite and when they do, like the first couple, their eyes are opened to the “iWorld”. But is this enlightenment a good thing?

According the Best Computer Sciences Degrees, Apple is worth over $508 Billion, $100 more than the next largest company in the U.S., the oil company Exxon. It was also revealed that more Apple iOS devices have been sold than cars in the US since 2008. A CNBC survey found that the company has conquered at least half of all American households as more than 55 million homes have at least one of the company’s ubiquitous products. That number will only grow as it has been estimated that 10% of those without an Apple product, plan to join the club in the next year. No survey exists for the UK yet but, if my household is anything to go by, we can’t be far off the US figures.

The success story of Apple is unprecedented. The company has achieved the industry’s dream: brand loyalty. The average Apple product owner has at least 1.6 of the company’s wares indicating that once a member of the “iClub”, your likely to remain one and buy more Apple products. What’s more, membership is only likely to grow now that the iPhone 5 has been unveiled, the 4th generation iPad is released and Apple ‘Smart’ TV becomes more than a rumour.

The Apple way of doing things is by no means bad. The new Macbook Pro has the highest display resolution in its class and its devices consistently outstrip the best that competitors can offer. Apple’s relentlessly improving engineering work is unequalled and its design appeals to teenagers and adults alike. If Apple can continue to outstrip its competitors, its customer loyalty will only improve. Combined with the company’s determination to broaden its horizons, the possibility of a world dominated by Apple is not therefore unrealistic.

One guy has added his imagination to these facts and created a YouTube video of what the world will be like in 2044. His version of events is complete with iPhones that dry hair, pour beer and cook eggs. A bit far-fetched perhaps but it does make for an entertaining and eye-opening couple of minutes.
Apple is not subtle in its mission to dominate. The company has effectively declared war on the reigning internet giant, Google, with the iCloud – the unfathomably high-tech internet storage system – which is rapidly becoming integral to our lives. Apple’s determination to offer the best there is in all areas of technology is certainly commendable. But with such success comes power. The new iPad will enter a new level of control, allowing only Apple-approved apps thus usurping the presence of other major tech companies. This will limit and control the individual’s ability to make choices about their device, forcing them to buy more Apple products.

The Apple way of life is steadily recruiting and it might not be long before it owns everything. So next time you walk into the Apple store teeming with Apple products and Apple-minded people remember this is just a preview of what may come. Do you like it?


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